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Fly Fishing For Coho

This is a world class fly fishery for Coho Salmon (Silvers) situated in a truly remote and spectacular part of British Columbia!

The picturesque months of September and October on the Northwest Coast of Vancouver Island offer up some wild and exclusive fishing!

Leon_rpl_fly_14Starting September 15th, after we wrap up our ocean fishing, we put on our waders, string our fly rods and head up the rivers for some big wild northern Coho! Our lodge is situated within 15 miles of 6 rivers which put us in a prime location for basing our unique fall fly fishing trips.  We offer guided walk-and-wade, raft and inflatable jet boat trips.

Accompanied by our boats for transportation, these rivers are easily waded.  Typical casts range from 40-60 feet.  If you can cast farther sometimes that is a great advantage, but most of the time 40-50 ft is all you need to work with.  More importantly are your cast placement and stripping cadence, ie. how fast you strip the fly in.

Sometimes a Coho will grab a fly within seconds of it hitting the water, but most of the time it requires the fisherman to strip the line in.  This can be very exciting as not only do you feel every fish hit the line, sometimes they follow it right to your feet before they bite.

And when they do, lookout! Don’t step on the line!  Coho usually take 3 or 4 fast runs and jump numerous times!  You may have to chase the fish down river before you can land it!  On a good day you can expect to hook 10 fish or more.

2019 Fly Fishing Dates

September 20-24
September 24-28
September 28 – Oct 2
October 2-6
October 6-10

063_rpl_fly_14 copy

Our main target species is Coho Salmon (Silvers). These Coho range from 8-20+ pounds!

The fish start their migration in the second and third week of September and continue into November. Throughout this time there will always be different waves of fish hitting the rivers. At the beginning of the season all the fish are bright chrome and later in the season you have a mix of bright fish and colored fish. We catch fish right into early November with sea lice on them. These are all wild rivers and wild fish, that’s why the run is spread out over such a long period of time. We also have a lot of Chum Salmon in these rivers. These fish usually enter the river within the last few days of September and the first week of October. Sometimes we will see mixed schools of Chum and Coho but they soon separate in the river. 112_chum_croppedThere is a lot of opportunity to fish Chum if you want to. Chinook Salmon (Kings) are endangered in our local rivers and we do not target them in any way. We catch the occasional Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout, but our main focus is Coho on the fly.

Perfect Timing – Limited Pressure


Fishing kyuquot 2012 (11 of 53) CroppedWith limited pressure on these West Coast rivers, Coho are generally very willing to come to a fly under most conditions. As with all river fishing, water conditions can greatly affect the fish’s attitudes. Over the last 5 seasons we have developed an extremely successful fly fishing program on these rivers with the flies and lines we are using.

Fishing kyuquot 2012 (43 of 53) croppedAll of these trips are guided by either myself (Matt) or our local professional guides (Paul and Kevin) who have intimate knowledge, not only of the river but also the territory we are in. We have extended our season until the beginning of November due to the excellent fishing and our season now runs from September 15th through November 4th with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 guests. This is strictly a catch and release fly fishery.

Throughout the season we have various river levels ranging from very low to high and fast. When the rivers are low we still have access to lots of fish and when the rivers are high they drop back into shape overnight. We are proud to say that for the last 5 season we’ve offered these trips, we’ve had exceptional fishing and quality days on the rivers with many exciting encounters too!

We share our rivers and fish with beautiful Black Bears among other wildlife of the area. But fear-not! The bears in our area seem to be very well behaved and are not camera shy. The river valleys are also home to Roosevelt Elk which we see, hear and follow the footsteps of on journeys beyond the river. Careful observation in the sand and gravel bars will sometimes reveal cougar tracks and wolf tracks too. This is a true wilderness experience!