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Fish Packaging

While on your fishing trip we want to ensure we take the best care of your catch!

SRP Processing is a new fish processor located right in Kyuquot Sound!  They offer daily catch services including portioning, vacuum packing and flash freezing!  Easy and simple, pick up your fish at the end of your trip either in your cooler you brought or purchase airplane approved cooler boxes to fly your fish home with you.

The other option is we clean and bag and tag your fish for you, keep it nice and cold on ice in coolers until you leave then you can either take your catch home with you to process it yourself or drop off it at High Tide Seafoods in Campbell River to have them process your catch overnight for pick up the next day (filet, vacuum pack and freeze) or drop it off for smoking (filet, hot or cold smoke, vacuum pack and freeze) then they can ship it to you.    You can bring a cooler for transporting your fish when you leave or purchase styrofoam coolers at the lodge.