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About Our Team

Matt Guiguet

Matt has fishing in his blood. It all started fishing with his Grandfather Charlie Guiguet who was a famous angler in Victoria, BC. Matt has been a full time professional guide in both saltwater and freshwater for the last 25 years, 5 years guiding in the Queen Charlotte, 10 years guiding in Tofino and Ucluelet and the last 14 years in Kyuquot. He has been featured on numerous TV shows such as Going Fishing with Darrell Cronzy, Big Coast, Sportfishing BC with Mark Penlington, fishing with Shelly and Courtney, and our new show from Oregon, The Joy of Fishing.  Matt has also done a how-to fishing video with Amato Publications.  Matt takes great pride in his guide team and all of his boats,  insuring that our guests have the best possible experience on the water.


Kristy Guiguet

Kristy’s family (Bostrom and Kayra) have been living in Kyuquot for decades, second only to the native people who originally settled the area. Commercial fishing has been the sustaining force and source of income for the family and over the years they opened the general store and operate the post office located at the head of the Government Wharf in Kyuquot. Kristy’s parents still fish commercially throughout the summer season and run the store and post office year round.  Kristy was born and raised in Kyuquot and has lived there for the majority of her life. Being able to fulfill her dream of starting a fishing lodge in her hometown has been an amazing adventure and she can not wait to share it with you.


Madeline Guiguet

Madeline is now 3 and full of energy and loving life!  She enjoys being down the dock checking out the fish, going for boat rides, walking the beaches and of course fishing, her main fishery is catch and release perch off the dock.  She has also been trout fishing, salmon fishing, halibut fishing and steelhead fishing!   She will be attending the trade shows with us during the winter months and will be there to greet you upon arrival at the lodge!


Kevin Sutherland

Kevin Sutherland is the epitomy of a professional guide.  Always on time, well prepared and has well over 20 years experience on the local waters.  Kevin always comes in at or near the top of the fleet.  Kevin’s attention to detail and professionalism has been truly appreciated by all of our guests and crew who have fished with him.   (AKA – The Sandman)

Paul Vincent Sr.

Paul Vincent Sr. has been with us since we built the lodge!  Paul has 20 plus years commercial fishing experience in and around Kyuquot, including commercial salmon fishing and commercial tuna fishing.   Paul’s professionalism, humour and leadership is truly appreciated by everyone.  Paul is also fast becoming one of the top coho fly fishing guides on the west coast!  It is truly a pleasure spending a day on the ocean or river with Paul.   (AKA – Captain yellow pants)

Vivian Sutherland

Vivian Sutherland

Vivian joined our team in 2013 as our housekeeper.  You might see her coming up the dock in the morning on your way out fishing,  she is very diligent in her duties and her sunny disposition is a pleasure to have around our lodge!  Vivian is our guide Kevin’s wife and having the two of them is incredible!