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Halibut fishing in Kyuquot Sound is very productive all season.

Anchoring up on our local hotspots allows us to be selective as the fish come to us.

Each boat is equipped with an anchor and pulley system that allows us to stop and drop our chum bags down, bottom bouncing with your rod and bait set up until the big ones show up!

DSC_5428 web halibutOnce you feel the halibut biting your hook you have to remain calm and let the halibut really bite your hook before you set it! Then you can reel these monster fish in on our top notch reels and light rods, being able to switch gears from 6-1 to 1-1 ratio really helps when reeling in this fish.
Our guides are all experienced halibut fisherman and will be ready to harpoon your catch!

All of our halibut fishing is within close proximity to our lodge, most spots being within 6 miles from our dock. Once you have caught your limit of halibut, it is on to the next species.

Lingcod and Rock Fish

Lingcod and rock fish are plentiful in our area. Lingcod is one of the best eating fish and heading offshore to one of our lingcod holes is a great experience in itself. Let your jig hit the bottom and don’t be surprised when you have a “fish on” every time!