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There are always salmon in Kyuquot Sound!


Rugged Point Lodge is very close to the fishing action.

The closest hot-spot is Spring Island, only 2 miles from our dock with depths of 40-110ft  it can be fished in just about all weather conditions.  It is one of the best places in B.C. to catch Chinook.  From there it is a short 3 mile run offshore to the Kyuquot Ridge, which runs from the inside corner of the Kyuquot Reef to the rock piles off Lookout Island.

Here you are fishing in depths of 130-180ft, this underwater gravel bar holds Chinook year round and is one of our main fishing areas.   Head out another 5 miles to the “50 fathom edge” which is commonly known as the “Salmon Highway.”  You will not miss out on the action, it is called the salmon highway for a reason!

The rock piles inshore start producing in May and continue through September.

The offshore reefs and banks literally attract salmon year round. With this unique geography and location, this is where the vast majority of migrating schools of Chinook first head inland as they follow the coast down to their home rivers.

We use Islander MR3 Mooching reels and 10ft 6 medium action rods for our salmon fishing.

Salmon Fishing Techniques

During June and July when we are mostly fishing inshore all of our guides prefer to fish straight anchovies with no inline flasher, this is a lot of fun!  Later in the season when we are fishing offshore we mainly use flasher-hoochie, flasher-spoon, straight plugs or straight spoons.

Buck tailing for Coho!  The best times for this technique is mid-July throughout August and early September.

There is no better place to fish salmon on the west coast of Vancouver Island!

Salmon Limits Per Person

4 salmon per day – 8 possession :

Chinook – 2 per day, 4 possession

Coho – 1 -4 per day, wild (seasonal), 2 – 8 possession (seasonal)

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Do you ever think of fly-fishing for salmon? There are also some great fresh water fishing opportunities available!