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Tuna Fishing in B.C.

This exciting fishery happens right outside of Kyuquot Sound!

064_rpl_ocean_14_tunaOur albacore tuna fishery starts mid-August until mid-September. This is an extremely productive and fun fishery! Rugged Point Lodge is only 27 miles from the incredible fishing grounds at South Brooks Buoy. This buoy is an environment Canada weather station providing wave and swell height, wind speeds and sea surface temperatures. Not only does it do all that, it also attracts fish! Having access to this buoy’s information and having this buoy in our fishing area is a huge advantage to fishing here.

012_tunaThe scream of the reel with a fish swimming 50 miles an hour on it straight down is something you will never forget! After the first takedown happens we generally troll for up to a minute to try and get some more fish on. After about a minute we’ll put the boat into neutral, this is called the glide (we are gliding to a stop). For the guys that don’t have fish on, this is when you cast your swim bait or metal or vertical jig while we are playing the fish. Sometimes we will get the school of tuna around the boat and we won’t even have to troll. There is a lot of exciting stuff that happens!

071_rpl_ocean_14_tunaIn order to go tuna fishing a few things have to be in order, most importantly the weather and the water currents. Since we began targeting these fish 5 years ago, we’ve had a 90% success rate at catching tuna. We use satellite imagery, long range forecasts, and years of local experience to put our boats out on the water at the right time and in the right spots. All of our guides are experienced commercial and sport tuna fisherman who love doing it!

Our boats are set up with high end rods and reels, each boat has six trolling rods and two casting rods perfectly matched (extremely fun) for albacore tuna. When we start fishing for albacore we generally fish a 4 – 6 rod spread.

068_rpl_ocean_14_tuna_buoyOnce we start getting take downs (fish on) the real excitement begins! Seeing schools of tuna cruising like dolphins across the ocean towards your fishing gear is heart-stopping. Other times you will see the tuna daisy chaining jumping and coming towards your trolling spread or chasing souray bait fish. When these tuna hit the gear, the back of the boat literally explodes with action!